What is NSG and why NSG membership is important for India?

With 23rd June is coming closer when Indian membership issue will be discussed in NSG, it is very important to know about NSG. To understand NSG, let us have a preliminary understanding about NPT or Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

What is NPT?

It is a treaty which commits signatories to negotiate safeguard agreements with IAEA. The entry of China into the nuclear club shifted the World attention from cold war to nuclear proliferation. NPT introduced to replace Partial Ban Treaty (PBT) to stop transfer of nuclear weapons or technical help to non-weaponic Countries.

Then Why NSG?

While NPT is a formal treaty to stop nuclear non-proliferation, NSG is a group of nuclear producer countries (non-producer countries also became member later on) or simply a group of the countries which regulate commercial interests of nuclear producers and consumers in the World.

The 1974 nuclear test by India worried the weaponic countries to stop Asian or African countries from gaining nuclear weapons. Presently it is a body of 48 member countries in which decisions are taken based on consensus. The NSG (or popularly known as London Club) regulate the nuclear business with technology, finance and raw materials needed for nuclear reactor.

Why India need a NSG membership?

With 2008 nuclear agreement with USA,  India enjoys most of the exemption given to NSG member countries.

NSG membership to India will provide ‘global player’ status to India. India is an emerging economic country hence it requires huge energy to feed the industrial needs. With Paris agreement, India wants to produce clean energy  to ensure electricity in every household by 2019. With limited possibility in solar or wind energy sector as it depends on topography or geographical location, nuclear energy is the only answer for all energy needs.

Where is the problem lies?

As USA is pushing every member countries to positively consider Indian membership in NSG, China on other hand has played Pakistan card to stop India gaining NSG membership. Most of the countries like Mexico, Switzerland which opposed Indian membership in 2008 during nuclear deal already announced their support.  As 23rd is coming closer, everybody is looking towards Seol to understand China’s stand.

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