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Creativity Vs Innovation

By Admin / December 24, 2016

Creativity Vs Innovation By Subhankar Gope Innovation is a hefty word . Creativity is an art . Creativity can be 2 types . one is innovation from inception and another is making an existing art beautiful . Thus innovation reflects a person’s ability to create and his ability to produce . Without a proper outcome […]


Fiedel Castro : The Revolutionary

By Admin / November 28, 2016

Fiedel Castro, the revolutionary leader who governed Cuba as PM and President for almost five decades has died on November 25, 2006 at the age of 90. You should know about the journey of the legend in the article. 1.Childhood and family Fiedel Castro was born on 13th August of 1926 in Biran, Oriente Province of […]


Understanding Uri Terrorist Attacks by Pakistani Militants

By Admin / September 18, 2016

                         By Ajit Mitra One more deadly terrorist attack at Uri by the Pakistani sponsored terrorist group to destabilize the peace and harmony of the kashmir Valley which left fatal casualties of 17 jawans of the Indian Army. The terrorist attacks in the recent […]


GST bill : Some quick points to note down

By Admin / August 5, 2016

GST  bill  : Some quick points to note down                             By Ajit Mitra (Admin)  The Goods & Services tax (GST)       : The GST Bill is said to be THE CONSTITUTION (122nd AMENDMENT) Bill, 2014. The GST bill intends to create […]


Bengali, Sweetest language in the World!

By Admin / July 16, 2016

Have you ever wondered to know the sweetest language in the world ? This is indeed a tough question to answer as it is linked with our emotion. Every language has a long cherished history behind it, though it is not possible to point out the exact date from which we have started using the particular […]


Indo-Bangla Relation : A new era of friendship

By Admin / July 2, 2016

Indo-Bangla Relation : A new era of friendship By Ajit Mitra With the change in guard at centre the Indo-Bangla relation has caught a steady fold increase in multiple fronts. Thanks to the soft diplomacy by India, Indian investment in Bangladesh always got an advantageous position with an active support from the Bangladesh counterpart. These […]


What is NSG and why NSG membership is important for India?

By Admin / June 22, 2016

With 23rd June is coming closer when Indian membership issue will be discussed in NSG, it is very important to know about NSG. To understand NSG, let us have a preliminary understanding about NPT or Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. What is NPT? It is a treaty which commits signatories to negotiate safeguard agreements with IAEA. The […]


JNU protests: An Inside View.

By Admin / February 16, 2016

JNU protests:  An Inside View The recent debate followed by the protest organised in favour of Afzal Guru raised many questions. The question is, Is it wise to run anti national factory with the name of freedom of expression guaranteed by our constitution? India has a long history of tolerance which allowed flourishing different ideas […]