Let us know about Valentine’s Day

(Dear friends, here in Competitive In Focus we believe that we need entertainment to make our studies interesting. We give priority to those stories which has historical and cultural values. We have tried to sum-up the story of Valentine’s Day. Have a quick look)

Valentine’s Day

‘Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age”- Anais Nin

The 14th of February every year celebrated as the day of love or Valentine’s Day. The story of this day has its origin in the Roman holiday Lupercalia (5th Century). Interestingly this day has been named after Saint Valentine of Rome. Valentine of Terni was a bishop of Intermna , he was prosecuted and executed for spreading love. It is learned that he was imprisoned for performing weeding ceremony for soldiers. Accordingly to the Royal law Soldiers were forbidden to marry.

At the time of his imprisonment he healed the daughter of the Jail-in-charge and wrote a letter to her signed as “your Valentine” before his execution. His supreme sacrifice for love and affection has been honoured by celebrating this day as the day of love. People around the world celebrate this day by sending special cards, gifts and chocolates for loved one. It is not hiding fact that now a days it became a fashion for young people where moral values are reduced to a name only. Let us understand the values, let us spread love for humanity.

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