IBPS English Practice Set -1

Dear friends, knowledge of English is very much essential to crack competitive examination. Follow our English practice sets for scoring good marks in competitive examination.

Directions (1-5) : Which of the phrase A , B, C, & D given below each sentence should replace the phrase given in  bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct. If the sentence is correct as as it is and ‘No correction required’, mark E as the answer.

1. After enjoying one of the biggest successes of India cinema, the actor is pulled the brakes on his career.

A. has putting brake

B. has pulled the brakes

C. is braking

D. is put brakes

E. No correction required

Correct Ans : B

2. Many of our tinsel town beauties will hit the panic button if they didn’t have at least one movie in hand.

A. would hit panicky buttons

B. would hit the panic button

C. will be hitting panic buttons

D. Have hit panicky button

E. No correction required

Correct Ans : A

3. Alarm to declining  marriage figures and increasing divorce rates, the government has come up with a novel way to tackle the issue.

A. Alarmingly on

B. Alarming as

C. Alarms with

D. Alarmed by

E. No correction required

Correct Ans : D

4. The two sister dropped in to watch the film with none other than their father.

A. dropping in for

B. dropped by as

C. drop on to

D. dropped in for

E. No correction required

Correct Ans : E

The researchers found that children with lung disease are at increase risk developing a second type of pneumonia.

A. were at increased risk

B. is increasingly risking

C. is increased risky

D. are increasingly risky

E. No correction required

Correct Ans : A

Direction (6-10) : Each question below has two blanks , each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of the words for each blank which is best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

6. what goes into making a marriage can only be ——– by trial and error and couples are best left to —— out what works.

A. discovered, translate

B. regulated, find

C. learnt, figure

D. seen, thrash

E. experienced, judge

Correct Ans : B

7. The producer is known to —— with new starts and fresh talent, and though there have been a few hits and misses, this filmmaker totally —— for the new breed.

A. try, demands

B. experiment, vouches

C. produce, promises

D. sign, goes

E. work, support

Correct Ans : B

8. The Government stated that it had the —— right to use as much force as was necessary to regain control of areas —— by terrorists.

A. free, marked

B. practical, left

C. fundamental, infest

D. basic, undertaken

E. legitimate, dominated

Correct Ans : E

9. Obesity and alcohol —— together to —— the risk of liver disease in both men and women.

A. act, increase

B. result, aggravate

C. taken, arrest

D. put, heighten

E. mix, lower

There were screams , chills and thrills ——- at the discotheque the other night as the director along with the producers hosted a party to —— the success of their latest horror flick.

A. combined, downplay

B. alike, mourn

C. experience, mark

D. galore, celebrate

E. risen, generate

Correct Ans : D


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