IBPS English Practice Set -2

Dear friends, knowledge of English is very much essential to crack competitive examination. Follow our English practice sets for scoring good marks in competitive examination.

1. Avik gave me a present —– my birthday.

A) in                      B) on

C) at                      D) into

Correct Answer: B

2. I eat rice ——- my hands.

A) in                    B) at

C) with               D) for

Correct Answer: C

3. She threw a stick ……….. the pig.

A) At                   B) On

C) Over                 D) To

Correct Answer: A

4. She is planing to visit her parents ……… winter.

A) On                    B) By

C) In                     D) To

Correct Answer: C

5. This man is ……. Second Sachin.

A) A                    B) An

C)The                 D) No article

Correct Answer: A

6. He was invited ……. Dinner.

A) On                   B) To

C) At                     D) In

Correct Answer: A

7. I visited the place where the accident ……..

A) Take place          B) Took place

C) Taken place         D) None of these

Correct Answer: B

8. Ram …….. he likes the girl.

A)Said that                  B) Says that

C) Said                          D) None of these

Correct Answer: B

9. ……….. does she go to church.

A) Rare                        B)Hardly

C) Rarely                     D) None of these

Correct Answer: B

10. A herd of elephants ……………… ready to attack the lion.

A) Were                       B) Is

C) Was                        D) Are

Ans-  “is”

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