e-jami website of Government of Tripura: How to find all land records online .

Gone are the days when you have to visit Tahasil office, SDM office or land records directorate to get information about your land or  any land which you desire to buy or  you want to view map of any particular piece of land. Collection of online ROR or Map was never so easy as it is today. Government of Tripura has started online citizen centric services through www.jami.tripura.gov.in  .Almost all land records are digitized in Tripura. Online mutation facility is also available though manual applications at Tahasil office are also accepted till date.

You can get following information in the e-jami website of Government of Tripura :

  1. khatian/plot based search
  2. know mutation status
  3. view map
  4. Tehsil list
  5. Mouja list
  6. know deed status
  7. fee details
  8. calculate fees

Let me show how you can get information from www.jami.tripura.gov.in . If you want to check any plot number  of  Tripura , you first open www.jami.tripura.gov.in . Home page of the website is shown below :


In the left side there are  CITIZEN CENTRIC  E-SERVICES  (shown with right mark) . Just click on khatian /plot based search . You can know owner’s name of any plot, quantity of land in any plot/khatian etc.

Now,  suppose you want to get information about any plot in the Udaipur town area. You have to follow these easy steps shown below :


Click on  KHATIAN  / PLOT BASED SEARCH. Then, the following page will open :



Now the page will look as the following one:


Now just type either plot number or khatian number and click on search option . Immediately display copy of ROR  ( Record Of Right  ) will open which you can view or mail or print free of cost.



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9 Replies to “e-jami website of Government of Tripura: How to find all land records online .”

  1. Narayan Ch. Majumder.

    You can easily find the parcha/ khatian ( i.e record of right copy) of your house.It is really a useful site for common public.

    • Admin

      Thanks for visiting our site. You can find hal (new) plot number assigned against Sabek (old ) plot number and in E-Jami Tripura. But Sabek khatian of 1st survey period is not available online till date. But you can get sabek khatian from Directorate of Land records and settlement office , Agartala through RTI.

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