Constitution of India Set – 3

1.Who supported the views of Constituent Assembly for making the Indian Constitution? – Formation of Constituent Assembly.

2. The constitution of India was adopted by the – Constituent Assembly.

3. When were the election to the Constituent Assembly held – July 1946.

4. In the Constituent Assembly how many seats were got by the Congress -205.

5. Who was the President of the constituent assembly? – Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

6. Chairman of the drafting committee of the Indian Constitution was -Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

7. When did Constituent Assembly adopt a National Flag -22nd July 1947.

8. When did the Constituent Assembly adopt national Anthem? -24th January 1950.

9. How many Articles and Schedules were in the First Draft Constitution presented by the Drafting committee to the Constituent Assembly – 315 articles and 7 schedules.

10. In the Constituent assembly how many total number of Amendments were proposed  in the Draft Constitution -Approx. 7892.


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