Constitution of India Set – 4

1.In India who accords recognition to the various political parties as national or regional? – The Election Commission.

2. At what level does Panchayat Samities exist in India? -Block.

3. How many Schedule are there in the constitution of India? – 12.

4. The Sarpanch who is the chairman the village panchayat is – elected by the panchayat from among its member.

5. Which Articles of the Constitution empowers the parliament to create new states alter their boundaries even their names? – Article 3.

6. The schedule of election for panchayats is decided by – The State Government.

7. What is the lowest unit of the Panchyat Raj System? – Village Panchyat.

8. Panchayat were given constitutional status by – the 73rd Amendment.

9. The Constitution of India came into force on – 26 January 1950.

10. The preamble to the constitution declares India – a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic.

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