GK for Railway Recruitment Board Exam 2016 Set -13

1. Who invented internet? – Vinton Cerf

2. Which scheme is related to Kasturba Gandhi? – Girls’ Education

3. In which place Buddha delevered  his first semon? – Sarnat

4. ————- was the last ruler of the Lodi dynasty? –Ibrahim Lodi

5. Pedastal rock is known as – Mushroom or umbrella rock.

6. Where is the South Eastern Railway headquarter is situated? – Kolkata. 

7. When BRICKS was established? – 2008.

8. On which committee recommendation Rail budget separate from Union budget? –Acworth Committee.

9. Who is the founder of AryaSamaj? –Swami DayanandSaraswati.

10. When ASEN was formed? – 1967.

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