G.K set- 6

1.Who took to arms and led an anti British resistance movement in Karnatak? – Rani Channamma

2. ———– algea is used to control Malaria – Nitella.

3. Where is Supara port situated ? – Western coast.

4.When Cripps Mission came in India? – 1942.

5.Who wrote “A House for Mr. Biswas”? – V. S. Naipal.

6. Who wrote “An Equal Music”?- Vikram Seth

7. Where is Vijay Stamb located? – Chittorgarh.

8. Where is the Indian Agriculture Research Institute situated? –New Delhi.

9. Where the Nile river rise? – Victoria.

10. Where Bokaro steel plant is is located? – Madhya Pradesh.


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