G .K(Tripura & North East) Set -5 for TPSC & TCS/TPS Exam

Dear friends,  here is the G .K(Tripura & North East) Practice set for upcoming TPSC, TCS /TPS and  other Competitive Exams.  We have already uploaded Four sets  of G .K(Tripura & North East) Practice set.   We will try to post more soon. Follow our site regularly for upcoming sets.


1. Who was the first Tripura king who attacked Manipur? Dharma Manikya II

2. The system of ‘Sati’ was banned in Tripura by – Birchandra Manikya.

3.Who was known as the “Modern Vikramaditya” of Tripura? – Birchandra Manikya.

4.First Assembly and Ministry was formed in Tripura in – 1st July 1963

5.When Tripura became a State administered by the Chief Commissioners?- 26th January 1950.

6.Total area of Tripura is (insq.km) –10,491.69 sq.km.

7. Tripura has an extreme width in Km from east to west- 112.7 km.

8. The Juri river originates from –Jampui hill.

9. The Deo river originates from- Jampui Range.

10. The name of longest river of Tripura is – Manu.


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