G .K(Tripura & North East) Set -7 for TPSC & TCS/TPS Exam

Dear friends,  here is the G .K(Tripura & North East) Practice set for upcoming TPSC, TCS /TPS and  other Competitive Exams.  We have already uploaded Six sets  of G .K(Tripura & North East) Practice set.   We will try to post more soon. Follow our site regularly for upcoming sets.

1.Who transferred the capital from Udaipur to Old Agartala? Krishna Manikya.

2. Who excavated the Dharmasagar at Comilla? Krishna Kishore.

3. Nirmahal Was built byBir Bikram Manikya.

4. Tripura merged with the Indian Union on 15th Oct. 1949.

5. The Howrah river originate from Baramura hills.

6. The name of the longest river of Tripura is Manu.

7. Which pair of tribe is having the largest tribal population of Tripura? Tripuri & Reang.

8. Dipa Karmakar is associated withGymnastic.

9. Sri Ganesh Naha associated with Swimming.

10. NREGA is associated with Rural Employment.


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