G .K(Tripura & North East) Set -8 for TPSC & TCS/TPS Exam

Dear friends,  here is the G .K(Tripura & North East) Practice set for upcoming TPSC, TCS /TPS and  other Competitive Exams.  We have already uploaded Seven sets  of G .K(Tripura & North East) Practice set.   We will try to post more soon. Follow our site regularly for upcoming sets.

1.Who abolish the slavery system in Tripura?Birchandra Manikya.

2.The king of Tripura who first recognised Rabindranath as poet? Birchandra Manikya.

3. Tripura was declared as Union Territory in 15th Oct 1949.

4. What is the altitude of Agartala in meter above sea level? 12.80 meter.

5. Total no of block in Tripura is 58.

6. Which district of Tripura is smallest in term of population? Unokoti.

7.Where is the ‘Samiran Chakraborty Indoor Hall and Gymnasium located? M.B.B. Stadium.

8. ‘SRI’ technology is being used successfully in Tripura in the production of Rice.

9. Agriculture college of Tripura located at Lembuchara.

10.The first Secretary of Tripura Board of Secondary Education wasShekharchand Jain.



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