Understanding Uri Terrorist Attacks by Pakistani Militants

                         By Ajit Mitra

One more deadly terrorist attack at Uri by the Pakistani sponsored terrorist group to destabilize the peace and harmony of the kashmir Valley which left fatal casualties of 17 jawans of the Indian Army. The terrorist attacks in the recent times have been escalated in a significant number which needs a serious analysis. It is learned that the terrorists attacked the Army’s administrative block and used grenade to maximize the damage. Almost 13-14 army jawans killed by the fire in the tent of the unit. As per the DGMO briefing, all four terrorist have been neutralized and their arms and ammunition have been recovered from the spot which bears the Pakistani mark indicating active support from the ISI-Pak Army.


Pakistan has the history of interfering in the internal affairs of India and other countries along with Afghanistan and plays a major role in destabilizing the peace and harmony of the country. Their active support in militancy movement in kashmir and Taliban in Afghanistan has brought global flocks regarding the state of affairs and state sponsored terrorism.

In the recent days Pakistan has been isolated in number of global issues like counter terrorism, Nuclear suppliers Group, Afghanistan peace initiative etc. The cold war ally of Pakistan, America has refused to give multi billion dollars of compensation and American Congress has blocked the subsidy for 8 F-16 aircraft. The continuous rhetoric about kashmir has been hardly hit by the recent comments of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when he thanked the people of Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltisthan and PoK and raised human rights violations in that region. Pakistan India is set to clash in United Nation when India planned to raise the issue of Balochistan.

The Nawaz government in Pakistan is in back foot after Panama leak and the incumbent chief of Army is being scheduled to retire as such keeping kashmir issue alive is helping them to withhold power grief in the country. Their domestic politics which is failed in multiple front needs shift in attention and eventually incident like pathankot and Uri happened.


The issue of kashmir which is the bone of contention between two countries is illegally claimed by Pakistan . A large part of the kashmir is under the illegal occupation of Pakistan and is part of $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic corridors (CPEC) where India has strongly objected any such initiative in occupied land.

Kashmir state joined the Indian union as a part of integration of states after 1947. After the lapse of paramountcy all princely states were given freedom to join India or Pakistan or to remain free. In the wake of attack by the Pakistani sponsored terrorist (Kawali group) Maharajah Hari Singh decided to join India and signed in the instrument of Accession in presence of the B. P. Menon which Pakistan claims as their part on religious ground as the maximum population were from Muslim community.

Unlike the predecessor the present government has taken a serious stand on the kashmir issue and outlined the primary point of bilateral discussion as the cross border terrorism which provoked Pakistan. During G20 summit  India has badly exposed Pakistan in the global stage and drawn the global attention to isolate Pakistan. It should be noted that in 2016 (up to July) there were 51 incidents of infiltration of Pakistani terrorist where almost 5-10 terrorist have been killed by Indian security forces.

After the Uri incident the relationship between two countries is expected to touch highest low, what action is taken by the government of India to tackle the terrorism and Pakistan will be under speculation in the days to come.

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