Raj Rajeswari temple :Durga with eighteen hands

Raj Rajeswari temple : the rarest of rare Durga

                                                   By Ajit Mitra


Raj Rajeswari temple : The symbol of civilization which dates back 8th  century (according to different school of thought 6th-7th century ) unique identity of manmade sculpture of mother Raj Rajeswari Devi is located  at Muhuripur village of South Tripura district of North eastern State  Tripura  , India .

After returning from Burma (presently Myanmar) Bramachari Haranandagiri Maharaj ( known as Hari Om Sadhu) established the temple approximately in 1931. He collected four statues of deities from unexacavated Pilak area and placed them in this temple .According to  the experts these deities are the by product of  mixed culture of Hinduism and Buddhism flourished side by side in that period .

The deities are namely Surya , Mangala chandi , Ganesha and Raj Rajeswari.  The statue of Devi Durga with eighteen hands which is also called Devi Katyayani ( the sixth from of Nava Durga ) made Raj Rajeswari unique and rarest of rare. The statue of Raj Rajeswari is 7 ft in height and about 1000 kg in weight .Apart from its economic value it also bears historical and cultural values .

Durga with eighteen hands in Raj Rajeswari temple

Of the nine forms of Goddess Parvati , katyayani is worshiped as Her sixth form on the sixth day of Navaratri . According to the Hindu mythology , Goddess Parvati took the form of Katyayani to annihilate the demon Mahishasura. Katyayani is the fiercest of facet of Goddess Parvati as she appears as warrior Goddess .

The name Raj Rajeswari is given due to the fact that the last king of Kingdom of Tripura His Excellency Maharaj Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya  visited the temple and gifted a Trishol the Haranandagiri Maharaj ( known as Hari Om Sadhu) as a sign of honour .During His visit he also renamed this area as  Muhuripur until then it was known as “Lung thung” .

After the demise of Hari Om Sadhu , the Devi was worshiped by his disciple Radharani Bhairabi .In the year 2006-07 the temple has been renovated and the  Raj Rajeswari Devi alongwith other deities housed in the newly constructed temple.It is worth mentioning that entire work of the temple has been done with the donations and tireless labour of local people, the disciple from across the country .The government agencies have given their best part to ensure speedy development of the temple.

India has a long history cultural heritage, tolerance and fraternity which makes her cradle of the different religion, traditions and values . Raj Rajeswari temple is one of them which symbolizes peace, unity, trust and diversity. Let us pray to Mother Raj Rajeswari to shower Her blessing to bring peace and prosperity for the entire world.


Ajit Mitra : The author is associated with Raj Rajeswari temple committe and the article is written on behalf of  temple committe. The author has done a lot of reasearch on this matter.

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