Fiedel Castro : The Revolutionary

Fiedel Castro, the revolutionary leader who governed Cuba as PM and President for almost five decades has died on November 25, 2006 at the age of 90. You should know about the journey of the legend in the article.

1.Childhood and family

Fiedel Castro was born on 13th August of 1926 in Biran, Oriente Province of Cuba. Name of his father is Angel Castro Y Argiz and mother is Lina Roz  Gongalez .Angel Castro Y Argiz was a rich farmer and Fiedel was one of their six Children.

2.Early life and Education

After completion of Schooling Fiedel Castro went to University of Havna in Havana, capital of Cuba. He had become a graduate of Law in the year 1950. During these days he got involved in student politics and inclined towards thoughts of Karl Marx, the great revolutionary socialist.

3.Entry in politics 

Cuba was going through turbulent times. Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar captured power in a bloodless coup in 1952 just a day before election. Disappointment and anger was growing  among youth like Fiedel  due to rising corruption in Cuba.

Fiedel Castro started opposing the Batista Government led by Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar . The Batista government was backed by USA. Fiedel  alongwith group of civilians launched armed movement to oust the Batista government.The movement failed and Fiedel Castro was sent to jail.


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4. Mobilising Revolution

Fiedel Castro did not give up. He continued to mobilize his movement even from jail. Later on, he was released from Jail. By that time he became a known figure of opposition in Cuba .There was report that Batista might kill him. Amid the speculation , he fled to Mexico.

5. Association with Che Guevara and guerrilla movement

Fiedel Castro alongwith another great revolutionary Che Guevara started organizing guerrilla revolutionary army and gradually the army got support of local civilian and farmers. The guerrilla revolutionary army started  fight against army of Batista Government .Finally the political , social and  guerrilla battle led by Fiedel had ended the Batista regime in the year 1958. Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar alongwith his trusted aides fled to USA in six planes.

6. Good governance in Cuba 

Fiedel Castro was sworn in as Prime Minister of Cuba in the year 1959. The Government led by Fiedel had taken several steps for land reforms, education reforms, health reforms and providing basic amenities to farmers . Such steps made his regime extremely popular among working class people.

7. Assassination attempt by USA   

USA has always considered Cuba led by Fiedel Castro as an enemy state until USA President Barack Obama visited Cuba on  March 2016. It is said that CIA of USA had made more than hundred failed attempt to assassinate Fiedel Castro.In the year 1961, USA set up missle in Turkey targeting Cuba . In retaliation Cuba allowed Soviet Union to set up missle in Cuba . Soviet Union’s missile in the Island of Cuba, just 90 km away  from USA had escalated the tension between USA and Cuba .

8. A Good friend of India

Cuba led by Fiedel Castro has always maintained a good relation with India since Jawaharlal Nehru government. India was one of the nations which immediately recognised the Fiedel Castro government in Cuba 1959. He had warm relationship with Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He had visited India twice in the year 1973 and 1983.

9.Fall of Soviet Union and economic crisis at Cuba

Soviet Union was the biggest ally of Cuba .To counter USA , Soviet Union used to purchase sugar from Cuba with high prices and imported oil with subsidies. But after the fall of  Soviet Union Cuba faced acute economic crisis. Taking advantage of the situation USA funded several civil war and insurgency in Cuba to destabilize  Fiedel Castro government. But  his government successfully overcome all evil including economic crisis. By next one dacade, tourism industry and health sector in Cuba raised to new high.

10. Retirement from Office

Fiedel Castro served as Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959 to 1976 and served as President from 1976 to 2008. In the year 2008, due to ill health he has handed over power to Raul Castro.

The article is written by Manonita Dhar. The writer is a Masters degree holder in Computer Application .She is a blogger and an enthusiast about national and international politics .

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