Creativity Vs Innovation

Creativity Vs Innovation

By Subhankar Gope

Innovation is a hefty word . Creativity is an art . Creativity can be 2 types . one is innovation from inception and another is making an existing art beautiful . Thus innovation reflects a person’s ability to create and his ability to produce . Without a proper outcome or product any innovation is imaginary . From Indus valley to today’s 21st century peoples creation or innovation is the long lasting product. . Be it Tajmahal or Egyptian Pyramid we see the art that is still standing . Clearly it shows its innovation that defines a period . why we remember Mughals proudly because they help us to feel that golden period with their innovative creations .

Economic growth and social welfare both are modern day requirement . Our constitution provided Directive Principles of State Policy to full fill the societal goal . And as far as economic growth is concerned the larger the GDP the more valuable the country become . Weeding out poverty and make country free of caste and inequality is the main objective of any society . To make society poverty free and other prejudice free , the government needs to spend a lot. Here comes the x-factor i.e innovation which can help to edifice a progressive society . Innovation gives an authenticity of the creation . It defines uniqueness , it collaborate people with the modern technologies. For example artificial heart or artificial liver are the new Era defining innovation . Today’s Nanotechnology has gone so much advanced since its inception we can actually think of manipulating DNA i.e “playing GOD”.

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